Obtaining the app directoryΒΆ

The next step is to create the rdmo-app directory by cloning the corresponding repository into the home directory of you rdmo user:

git clone https://github.com/rdmorganiser/rdmo-app

Note that this is not the main rdmo repository, only the configuration files. Inside this directory, you will find:

  • a config directory, containing the main settings of your RDMO installation, and

  • a manage.py script, which is the main way to interact with your RDMO installation on the command line. Most of the following steps will use this script.

The idea is, that all your (future) configurations and extensions reside in the rdmo-app directory. It is therefore recommended to use Git versioning on your side for this repo (i.e. to fork the rdmo-app repository) and to store it either on GitHub or a similar suited repository system.

The rdmo-app directory corresponds to a project in Django terms.