Social accounts

If you use allauth as your mode of authentication and configured RDMO to use one or more OAUTH provider (as described in the Configuration chapter, you need to register your RDMO site with these services. This process is different from provider to provider. Usually, you need to provide a set of information about your site. Always included is a redirect or callback url. In the following we will use as an example (which will work on the development server) and you will need to replace that with the correct url of your RDMO application in production.


Login into and go to the developer tools page at Create an app with the Redirect URI


Login into github and go to and create a new app. Use


Login into facebook and go to Click on the top right menu My Apps and choose Add a new app. Create a new app. In the following screen choose Facebook login -> Getting started and choose Web as the platform. Put in a URL under which your application is accessible (Note: will not work here.). Back on the dashboard, go to Settings -> Basic and copy the App ID and the App Secret.


Login into twitter and go to and create a new app. Use

as the Authorized redirect URI. Copy the Client-ID and the Client key.


Login into google and go to Create a new project. After the project is created go to Credentials on the left side and configure the OAuth Authorization screen (second tab). Then create the credentials (first tab), more precisely a OAuth Client-ID. Use

as the Authorized redirect URI. Copy the Client-ID and the Client key.


Login into the keycloak instance and add a Client id “rdmo” to the realm. Under Settings configure the Client Protocol with openid-connect and add*

to the Valid Redirect URLs.

Under the Credentials tab, the Client Authenticator can be set to Client Id and Secret and the Secret can be obtained. Copy the Client Id and the Secret.

Add the social application

Once the credentials are obtained, you need to enter them in the admin interface. To this purpose, go to Social applications under SOCIAL ACCOUNTS and click on Add social application. Then:

  1. Select the corresponding provider

  2. Enter a Name of your choice

  3. Enter the Client id (or App ID) and the Secret key (or Client secret, Client key, App Secret)

  4. Add your site to the chosen sites.

  5. Click save.