The rdmo package can be conveniently upgraded using the pip command. However, before you perform any changes to your installation, please backup the important components to a save location.

A PostgreSQL or MySQL database can be database can be dumped into a file using:

pg_dump [DBNAME] > rdmo.sql  # PostgreSQL
mysqldump -uroot -p [DBNAME] > rdmo.sql

Your rdmo-app directory (including any sqlite3 database) can be copied using the usual commands. Note that your virtual environment will not work after being moved to a different path.

In order to upgrade your RDMO installation go to your rdmo-app directory, activate your virtual environment, and upgrade the rdmo package using pip:

pip install --upgrade rdmo

In order to install a specific version (e.g. 0.9.0) of RDMO use:

pip install --upgrade rdmo==0.9.0

After the upgrade a database migration might be necessary:

python manage.py migrate

Please check the release notes if this, or other, steps are necessary.

Upgrade to version 0.9.0

With version 0.9.0 we introduced the split into the rdmo-app and the centrally maintained rdmo package. Therefore a few additional steps are needed to upgrade any earlier version to 0.9.0 or beyond:

  1. In any case perform a backup of your rdmo directory and your database as described above.

  2. Perform the steps Obtaining the app directory and Install python packages as if you would install a new instance of RDMO.

  3. Copy your old configuration from /path/to/old/rdmo/rdmo/settings/local.py to /path/to/new/rdmo-app/config/settings/local.py. The new config directory replaces the old rdmo directory.

  4. If you already have a theme directory, copy it into the new rdmo-app folder.

  5. Run a database migration (Unless you skipped several versions, the output should be No migrations to apply.):

    python manage.py migrate
  6. Download the front-end files from the CDN. We don’t use bower and npm anymore.

    python manage.py download_vendor_files
  7. Update the path to the wsgi.py script in your Apache or nginx configuration. It is now under /path/to/new/rdmo-app/config/wsgi.py.

  8. Redeploy RDMO as described under /deployment/redeploy.

If you have trouble with the upgrade process, don’t hesitate to contact the RDMO team for support.